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Our Story


The Audax Ethos


In training, as in life, excellence is not an accident.  An intention toward excellence must permeate our planning, decision making and the execution of our daily routine.


Audax:  Adjective

  1. bold

  2. daring

  3. courageous


Scientia: Noun

  1. knowledge, science

  2. skill


Animulus:  Noun

  1. heart, soul

Jason is the founder of Audax K9 Academy. Jason began training dogs at a young age when he received a mixed breed dog for his sixth birthday.  Jason studied engineering and business at SPU where he developed his love of working with people and working within the scientific method.  After college Jason pursued a career in the commercial insurance industry.  When Jason met his wife Kimberly and began to work with dogs at the commercial kennel she managed, his love for training reignited along with his love for Kimberly. Jason began teaching group obedience and protection classes in 2015 after years of study in this area. 

Jason Brown

Head Trainer, Founder

In 2017 Jason attended the Michael Ellis School for Dog Trainers, where he took part in over 90 hours of intense training.  Areas of study including, protection theory, protection training decoy work and methods of teaching the protection/obedience exercises of IPO, French Ring, Mondio Ring, and KNPV.  


Jason’s training philosophy:  

Training time should be the most fun time of the dog’s life.  We will ask the dog for work but the rewards will make the work seem easy.  There may be some stress as we progress and challenge the dog’s problem solving ability but the stress will be limited and will give way to even greater reward.  Overcoming some stress and frustration in training will proof our dog’s behavior so that we know it is solid in the real world where failure is not an option.  We will use minimally invasive, minimally aversive techniques, and reward whenever possible.  We will thoughtfully and progressively apply any correction used to achieve the desired results with the minimum amount of pain and stress to our dogs.  

Kimberly Brown

Trainer, Founder

Breeding Consultant


Kimberly grew up in a home that always had numerous dogs, including Rottweilers, Chows, German Shepherds, Border Collies and Saint Bernard's.  Kimberly participated in her first dog show at 13 and has been actively working with and training dogs since 1995. Kimberly attended grooming school and became a certified groomer in 2004. Kimberly groomed all breeds for 10 years and managed a commercial kennel for many years. Kimberly has studied dog breeding, dog training methodology, dog behavior and dog care for her entire life.  Kimberly’s wealth of knowledge related to the German Shepherd breed, reproductive science, and in achieving the potential of the breed is unmatched. Kimberly has personally owned and raised German Shepherds, Border Collies and St Bernard's. While her heart is held by the German Shepherd, it is slowly being stolen by the doodles! 

After years of grooming and managing a commercial kennel, Kimberly chose to devote her attention to teaching dog owners how to understand their dogs and overcome the frustrations pet owners commonly struggle with. Training is such a valuable tool to build relationship and trust with our dogs. Kimberly will help you shape the dog in front of you into a reliable, obedient dog who WANTS to obey and work for you. Training isn't easy. Owning a dog isn't for the faint of heart but it is one of the most rewarding experiences possible.

Dog Trainers in Development

Sig, Josiah, Catie, Kersti


At Audax K9, our children are heavily involved in socializing our dogs.  You will see them on the training field.  We believe in including our children in the learning process.  Both the dogs and the children benefit from the experience.  

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