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Audax K9 Academy offers a wide variety of training services to meet the needs of dog owners.  Please view the individual course descriptions for details, pricing and course schedules.  

We are invested in your success!  Our lifetime training packages offer an extreme value designed to meet a lifetime of training needs.  From the basic to the advanced.  Click for details.  

Check out our complete calendar of available courses to reach your dog's fullest potential

We offer a number of Board and Train options tailored to you dog and your needs.  Please click for details.  

Private lessons are tailored to you and your dog's specific needs and your current progress.  We are able to work intensively at your exact level and help you break through any barriers holding back your progress. Please click for details.

Protection builds on the concepts taught in the Puppy Play-drive Development course and is used to develop the protection skills used both in bite-sports and real world personal protection.  Understanding your dog's individual and breed specific genetic predispositions, biting style and preferred type of gratification are essential to successfully training for bite sports and personal protection.  Please click to see more.

Play is a highly reinforcing and motivating tool.  This course will help awaken this drive in your puppy and enable you and your dog to advance to Protection Dog or use play as reward in any discipline you choose.  We are able to do this foundation work geared specifically to IPO, or Ring Sports such as French Ring, Mondio Ring or PSA K9.  Personal protection dogs also benefit from this foundation work.  How we approach each dog varies based on the desired end result.  Click for more.

Designed for puppies from  8 weeks to 6 months.  Starting your puppy off right is very important.  This course will teach you and your puppy to communicate and teach your puppy how to unlock rewards for obedience. click for more.

We will  focus on cementing the understanding of the verbal marker system and reinforcing the basic commands. This course is designed for any dog starting at 4-6 months or older.  Younger, see puppy foundations.  Click for more.

This course builds on the concepts taught in Basic Obedience and finishes many of the basic behaviors while adding new ones.  Click for more.

This course brings it all together, finishing the skills taught in the intermediate course and setting dog and handler on the path to greatness. Intensifying focused heeling and advanced obedience skills will be taught in detail. Click for more.

Rescue Dog Relationship Class

At Audax K9 we have a special place in our hearts for dogs that started out life with a rough deal and for the people who invite them into their hearts and their new forever home.  We believe relationship, love, and understanding heal the wounds of the soul.  To honor the commitment you have made, we offer a special 4 week course for rescued dogs and their humans at a deep discount from our regular courses.  These courses are exclusively for rescued dogs.  The course will focus on building relationship and communication through positive motivational techniques.  

Do you own a kennel, vet's office, specialty pet shop, dog adoption/shelter or other allied pet related business and want to host a professional dog obedience course or seminar for your customers or employees?  Do your employees bring their dogs to work?  Click to read more...

Our Tracking seminar is designed to introduce the handler to the concepts involved in teaching the dog the IPO style of competition tracking.  The course is limited to 10 dog/handler teams but may have additional handlers auditing without their dogs.

Our trained German Shepherds are available for your video or photo productions.  With some lead time and your input we can train specific behaviors you want to see in your video/photos.  With a little pre-production time on set to generalize these behaviors to the location we are able to speed up the workflow while the cameras are rolling.  

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