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Board & Train

At Audax K9 Academy, our board and train program is very unique. Baring any aggression issues, we bring your dog into our home and work on real life skills. Kimberly focuses on teaching house manners, proper social behaviors and applying the formal obedience skills to everyday life. Jason, our head trainer, will install the verbal marker system and he focuses on having intense formal obedience breakout sessions throughout the day. Our four children assist with both the social training and proofing the obedience skills under distraction. Your dog receives individualized care and attention, spending minimal time in a dog kennel when compared to a commercial kennel. 

Puppy Package

For Puppies 10 weeks - 16 weeks only.

Our puppy board and train will help set your puppy up with a good foundation in house manners, social skills, crate training and an introduction to the core obedience skills. 

This package is 4 weeks for $4,000 and is exclusive to puppies under 16 weeks of age at the time of check in.


When you pick your puppy up from its stay with us, you will receive two private training session to introduce the handler to the techniques and methods to continue with your puppy's training process. 

Cost: $4000 for a 4 week stay


  •  2 Private Training Session 

  • 50% discount on the purchase of 1 group obedience series.


Basic Obedience Package

Ideal for dogs 4 months and older. All ages accepted.

This 5 week comprehensive obedience package is a great way to address problem behaviors and bad habits as well to teach your dog a proven communication system, all basic commands:

  • sit

  • come

  • down

  • stand

  • heel

  • place

  • crate

  • house manners 

  • social manners

Each board and train stay is tailored to your dog, it's learning style and motivators and then combined with your training plan to address your needs and frustrations. 


Each dog can be taught in German or English (your choice) or specify a language or specific commands.

Cost: $5500


  • Training equipment that we recommend you continue using with your dog.

  • Weekly Group Obedience Classes during your dog's stay if you are available.

  • FIVE private training sessions during/upon completion to familiarize the handler with the methods and commands used.

    • Your first private training session will occur at the time you pick up your dog from board and train.

    • We encourage you to schedule your second private training session within 7-10 days after picking up your dog from our board and train program. 

  • Group Obedience Classes for the life of your dog​

    • This includes our Puppy Empowerment, Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, Canine Good Citizen, Ladies Night and Training In the Real World Classes. ​

  • Our Bronze Lifetime Membership

*Dogs displaying reactivity and aggression are excluded from this package.

Schedule Your Complimentary Meet & Greet

Our goal is your success. Board and train can be an excellent solution for many people. However, it is not the best fit for every dog. Prior to accepting a reservation for our board and train program, we require scheduling a complimentary meet and greet with Jason & Kimberly.

Custom Packages

Want to do more than offered in our pre-packaged programs?  Need to do a shorter term package? 

We can accommodate your needs. 


Call or email for details.

Custom Packages may be as short as one night.

Cost: $175 per night

For every 7 days that your dog is with us, you earn 1 private lesson. 

Board & Train 

Behavior Modification

Behavior modification and addressing problem behaviors in board and train requires an in person meeting with Jason, our head trainer, prior to finalizing a reservation. 

Pricing, availability and training plan, subject to in depth evaluation of the dog. 


Call or Email for details.

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