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Private Training Sessions

Private lessons are your time to have your questions answered and our undivided attention. 

Common topics covered in private lessons

  • Basic through advanced obedience skills

  • Tracking

  • Personal protection

  • Problem behaviors

  • Reactivity

  • Aggression Rehab (after Evaluation)

  • Socialization

  • Integration in the home/pack structure

  • Home management

  • Sports

  • Tasks for your specific discipline.

Available for individuals or small groups

at our location. 

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Private Lesson Pricing

We offer stair stepped pricing when you purchase more than one lesson.

Private Obedience/Sport/Protection Lesson:  

$165 per 1 hour lesson

$280: 2, 1 hour lessons*

$880: 8, 1 hour lessons*

Discounted pricing is only available for lessons held at our Snohomish facility.

*In Home Private Lessons are $165 per hour plus a small mileage fee for locations within 20 miles of our Snohomish Facility. ALL in home lessons must be booked directly through Kimberly or Jason.

** Book a single appointment and decide to upgrade to a package?  No problem.  We will upgrade your sessions and prorate your first session too at the bulk price if you make that decision on the same day as your first session.  

Private Lessons are held
at our Snohomish location

Select Your Private Lesson Package:

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Deep Discount Bundle

8 Private Lessons

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2 Private Lessons



Private Lesson

1 Private Lesson

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Book Your Appointment:

After you have purchased your Private Lesson Bundle, use our client portal to book your appointments. When you reach the payment screen, click "redeem package" to use the private lessons purchased in your Bundle.

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Virtual Training Lessons: 

Book your Virtual online training session now for $125 per hour.

Utilizing Google Meet on your phone or laptop/tablet to do an online video conference training appointment. 

While nothing can replace in person training, virtual training is an excellent tool. Whether the drive is daunting, you need help between appointments or you desire a coach to keep you and your dog accountable and on track, virtual is valuable. 

Prepayment for online training sessions is required.  All online appointment bookings are able to be rescheduled if the cancellation request is received at least 24 hours before the appointment time.  Google Meet is a third party system and may not work on your device.  If you are having difficulty setting up Google Meet please contact us to switch video conferencing services to one that works for you for your appointment.  

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Keys to Success

A few tips, tricks & recommended equipment:

  • Plan your training time for when your dog is awake and ready to work.

  • Have a tripod compatible with your phone or device

  • A device with video and audio capability

  • Your Dog

  • A Leash & Collar

  • Training Rewards

~ Setting up and testing Google Meet on your phone/ laptop/ tablet ahead of the appointment is advised. 

Plan your setting in a place where you can set the phone or laptop down (tripod) so that we can be active and work your dog without the phone getting in the way.

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Aggression & Reactivity

Rehab Program

The Audax Protocol

Reactive and Aggressive Dogs

Counter-conditioning and behavior modification sessions.

Are you frustrated with or embarrassed by your dog's behavior? Lunging? Barking at everyone and everything? Are you concerned about a potential bite incident? Or has your dog already bitten someone? Step one is our Evaluation & Training Plan appointment.


Evaluation & Training Plan Appointment: 

We require all leash reactive, reactive and aggressive dogs to first schedule an evaluation appointment.  

At an evaluation appointment, we will first gather a detailed case history. We will then observe how your dog interacts with various stimuli and evaluate the dog's suitability for our training program. In addition, we will provide you with a comprehensive training plan for you and your dog, including systematic and detailed homework to begin working on before your first private lesson.

Our Evaluation and Training Plan Appointment is $275 prepaid and non refundable.

*An evaluation appointment is not required to move forward with private training sessions if your dog is not dealing with aggression issues.*

After your evaluation appointment, we recommend working in private lessons once or twice a week until your dog is able to graduate into group training classes. The private training session fees listed above will apply

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