Protection Dog Group Classes

Protection work builds on the concepts taught in the Puppy Play-drive Development course and is used to develop the protection skills used both in bite-sports and real world protection.  We teach the dogs to balance their drive for the bite with obedience to the handler through positive reinforcement, withholding reward and thoughtful use of aversives.  We intensify the pressure on the dog only when the dog shows us it is ready.  We find this approach to be important in the learning process and that it produces the best well-rounded dogs.  It is important to understand that not all dogs are cut out for protection work and failing out of a protection course is possible at the instructor's discretion.  Our method is designed to prevent psychological damage to the dog that upon failure from a course could result in a dog that is no longer safe in the home/society.  We have seen this type of damage done in the protection training world and find it unacceptable.  We observe the dog’s behavior and may stop or delay working a dog if the dog’s behavior indicates.  The concepts in this course are more general in the beginning than the concepts in an obedience course however our obedience methods are essential to teaching the dog protection so dog/handler teams must be enrolled in our obedience program to participate in protection courses.  As the dog begins to understand the mechanical concepts of biting a helper/bite sleeve or bite suit depending on the discipline we will introduce the concepts of the bark and hold, escort/transport, blind search, and the courage tests, we will teach the dog to abort an attack (Ring/personal protection), recall and to defend against multiple decoys/helpers (Ring Sports/ Personal protection.)  

*Please note that we require all dogs who participate in our protection training program, to simultaneously participate in obedience training. This requirement may be waived after an evaluation by Jason of your dog's advanced obedience skills. Dogs with less than advanced on and off leash obedience will not be able to have this requirement waived.

**We reserve the right to refuse service. Your dog will be evaluated at each session to ensure it is a qualified fit for protection training.

Protection Group

Protection Group

Protection Group
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Bite Work At Audax K9 Snohomish WA

Bite Work At Audax K9 Snohomish WA

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Ranger Bites

Ranger Bites

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Puppy Bitework with Coal and Smoke

Puppy Bitework with Coal and Smoke

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Puppy Play Drive Development

Play drive is an extremely valuable tool in training our dogs and in advanced protection work.  In this course we will work to develop the dog’s innate abilities and drives for prey and play.  We will teach the dog to unlock more and more intense play as well as how to play with a helper.  Puppy play-drive development may be used for a puppy that has modest play drives to intensify the play/prey drive or as a precursor to protection work for driven dogs.  If your goal is to train for Schutzhund or the ring sports this course is for you and your puppy.  We typically run this class in the same time slot but slightly divided from our protection group sessions. 

Stand Alone Training Classes
held year round

Need flexibility?  Our Stand Alone classes give you the flexibility to train on your schedule and only pay for the classes you reserve and use.

Stand Alone classes are $30 per session. Pay as you go or purchase a punch card. Punch cards are $300 for 10 classes plus 2 free classes.

All stand alone classes require RSVP's and prepayment to reserve your space.
Sessions purchased on a punch card may be used for any obedience, protection or skill builder classes. 

Punch Card

Buy 10 classes and receive 2 FREE with our punch card.

A punch-card is valid for all stand alone obedience & protection classes. 

Cost: $300 for a total of 12 group classes.

Once you have purchased the punch card, log in to reserve your spot in the classes you desire at the time you desire.

Wednesday Protection Group Classes

Weekly Wednesday, Year Round, excluding for Holidays
7:30 PM to 8:30 PM

This stand alone class is designed to take your dog from puppy to adult, working in your chosen protection discipline. We will tailor our helper work to help you with personal protection skills or a specific protection sport.

Saturday Protection Group Classes

Weekly Saturday, Year Round, excluding holidays.

10:30 AM - 11:30 AM

11:30 AM to 12:30 PM

This stand alone class is designed to take your dog from puppy to adult, working in your chosen protection discipline. We will tailor our helper work to your goals, whether that is personal protection or a specific protection sport.