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Frustrated with problem behaviors? Is your dog jumping on people, counter surfing and misbehaving?

Or are you working toward competition obedience?
No matter your goals, private lessons are your time to address your needs. 

Group Obedience

Group Classes are an excellent way to learn and practice skills in a group environment.


Group classes include

Puppy Empowerment, Basic Intermediate & Advanced skill levels and our year round Punch Card Obedience Classes.

Board & Train

Are you looking for real life obedience training and house manners but struggle with a challenging dog or time constraints? Let us partner with you to achieve your goals.


Dog & Owner

Continued Education & Support are included.

Personal Protection

Protection training, aka bitework, begins by building motivation & fun as a team exercise with you and your dog. As your dog's motivation grows, we can begin to tailor the work toward your long term goals. Whether that is real world personal protection or participation in one of the various bite sports.

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About Us

Helping you understand your dog, address problem behaviors and achieve your goals through motivational, science based techniques.

Jason has a passion for dogs, science and seeing you achieve your goals. He is a talented protection decoy and has a natural ability to read and understand dogs.

Kimberly loves dogs and seeing them enjoy life. The best way to enjoy your dog is to shape their behaviors into ones you desire. She enjoys many avenues of dog training including service work, therapy work and being a continual student.


Right Start Pet Obedience Package

Our Right Start Pet Obedience Package is created to help you shape your dog into a model citizen. This one year Obedience package includes 1 registration in each of our group obedience courses plus access to all of our punch card classes and offsite obedience classes.

Annual Membership Price: $1000

Package Value: $4140

Annual or Lifetime Training Memberships

We are now offering both annual memberships and lifetime training memberships. With multiple membership options available, there is something to meet the needs of every dog owner.

All our classes and group series may still be purchased individually. Membership is not required. 

Previously purchased a punch card or group obedience course and want to upgrade? We will prorate the price of one previously purchased group course or punch card toward the purchase price of the membership of your choice. 

Reactive & Aggressive Dogs

We have created a unique and effective way to approach reactive and aggressive dog behavior. Our method is rooted in our experience in the science and art of protection dog training.  In this process we reverse the natural outcome of defensive feelings  to teach dogs through environmental cue-ing and positive reinforcement, a new set of behaviors to replace old, unwanted, detrimental aggressive habits.


Our study in this area gives us understanding of the motivation and reinforcement dogs feel during aggression and how to reprogram the behaviors that are triggered by defensive feelings into new behaviors.  In this process we will employ behavioral science through classical conditioning, operant conditioning, game theory and premacking to achieve results. 


A portion of this work will focus on our tried and true methods for building trust between dog and owner and building your dog's self confidence through positive experiences that take place below your dog's defensive threshold.  Many dogs also need some environmental counter conditioning as a part of this process. Depending upon the dog, it's age, the root cause(s) of it's aggression, how long the behaviors have been habituated and how much practice you invest between your lessons will determine the extent of change your dog experiences.

All dogs with dog or human oriented reactivity or aggression are required to start with an

Evaluation & Training Plan Appointment. 

Don't just take our word for it...

"Audax K9 has truly saved our pups relationship with our family, neighbors and the public!" 

— Messer Family Farm

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