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Heidi 4 Month old GSD Short-term Intensive Board and Train

Heidi is a 4 month old German Shepherd female. Heidi's owners brought her to our puppy foundation group class and when they had a holiday trip they checked her in with us to do some intensive obedience work.

Heidi is a super fun dog and very loving. She would snuggle on my lap and sleep each evening. I noticed what I usually notice during a board and train: Her drive for the work picked up each day and by the end of our time together her drive was considerably higher than when we started.

Conditioning chill-out behavior in the house with a place command, crate games and low intensity rewards contextualized in the house, while focusing the exciting work outside is essential when you kick a dog into this kind of drive. If you do the exciting work or play in the house expect your carpets to take a beating from the dog tearing around at full speed as well as other destructive undesirable behavior. In contrast Heidi's owners were shocked (pleasantly) and the first day home reached out to let us know she was being completely "zen" in the house. Like much of what we do this is not an accident. We like our dogs chill in the house and in drive outside.

If you are interested in a board and train experience for your dog you can find out more about our residential program here: Board and Train

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