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Rex The Shiba Inu Day 4 of Board and Train

Rex is a very energetic 12 week old Shiba Inu. Like many Shiba pups Rex has a very independent personality and responds poorly to pressure. He becomes frustrated very quickly when he does not understand a task and will resort to biting and snarling when a hand is placed on him for help. With this in mind, we focus on building relationship and positive reward based value in our training work. We are also non-reinforcing biting by not allowing it in play, removing reward when it happens and when we work with him intensely, wearing gloves so that we can be non-reactive to biting while teaching him to take rewards without biting skin.

Rex becomes stable in behaviors very quickly and we put his independent even stubborn personality to work for us in creating very solid obedience behaviors. When he knows he is right he knows, so we don't get many reps to make mistakes. It will be very important to fade the hand lures quickly as Rex's keen eyes and strong prey drive will rapidly make him dependent on physical ques if we reinforce them too long.

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