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Fixing Problems in the Fuss (Foos) Position

In this video you will see excerpts from 2 sessions with JJ the Doberman. In the first session Kim and Jason of Audax K9 identify and discuss problems with his understanding of the basic position heel, Fuss AKA Foos. JJ is hesitant to come all the way next to the handler and prefers to sit back half a length. We take JJ back to basics, Follow the food, nose to the target, take reward properly, move the rear end, then create the forward reward to pull him closer to the proper position through prediction of reward position. Then left leg game. We also noticed JJ hated being next to the wall during the left leg game. we use the touch pad to build value near the wall. JJ humorously tried to move the touch pad away from the wall but fell in and accomplished the exercise. In the last section of the video we see JJ falling into the correct basic position so we start to shift his rewards up and build the target look vs touch in the heel position. In the next couple videos you will see the hand fade from a direct target to arriving after the marker from above and behind his head. These changes happen fast. If you are interested in board and train for your dog, in person private lessons, virtual private lessons or group classes Jason and Kim Brown operate Audax K9 Academy in Snohomish, WA. Please reach out via email to or by phone 425-239-0175

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