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Madison The Border Collie Week 4 Board and Train

These sessions were recorded during Madison's 4th week with us. During this week we focused on layering pressure over reward reinforced behaviors and we worked on the beginnings of focused heeling.

Madison came to us at the age of about 4 with virtually no obedience training or skills so we were starting form a disadvantage with some habits thoroughly self reinforced. We looked at focused heeling as a bonus we could add after we dealt with the things that made her more difficult to manage. We began to add pressure to the recall to make it solid as well as clean up some left over bad habits we only used non-reinforcement on early in the process as too much punishment with Madison led to avoidance and this would knock her out of drive. You will see us dealing with this as it begins to occur in these sessions. Thank you for watching.

Used in this video:

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