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B Litter - Pre-Teething Puppy Bite Work

Bathilda vom Haus Audax Shows us some pre-teething bite work in this short video. My son Sig wanted to play with the puppy but his version of play was rather unproductive, the puppy wanted to grip the leash and pull him around the property.

I took the opportunity to instruct my son in the how and why we play with puppies from the methods of the bite to the win. Our goal for pre-teething bite work is merely and introduction for the dog. We look to begin the very first steps toward structured play and try to begin to instill the good habits of winning in the pocket (front position) engagement with the helper's face, counter-conditioning touch and noise and showing the pup how we want them to win the game.

A great session for Bathilda and for Sig.

If you are interested in developing your dog for competitive bite-work, protection sports and or personal protection dog skills or if you just want to develop increased play drive for use in other working disciplines please reach out to us.

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