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The Great Success of Maple The Twice Surrendered Rescue Dog.

Maple the Wheaten Tarrier mix came to Audax K9 Academy without much in the way of coping skills. She had been surrendered to shelters at least twice. She was highly reactive to all other dogs and was unable to spend time in public without frequent explosive, aggressive outbursts.

Maple's owners sought us out after failing with another training program that relied heavily on compulsion. They chose to begin with our Rescue Dog Relationship course. This 4 week course focuses on teaching the dog handler to condition a communication system that acts as an operating system that will allow the installation of all of the other behaviors we will teach the dog. We then focus on counter conditioning the dog to environmental stimuli that it finds stressful and through a process we call The Audax Protocol, help the dog to overcome reactivity and dog aggression. We also cover many common problems faced by new owners of rescued dogs and how establishing a strong relationship based on communication and trust can help you overcome these issues. Maple and her humans did not stop after the 4 week course but advanced through all of our training program, graduating advanced class during the summer of 2018. Maple is now a star! She operates in public spaces without fear of other dogs and answers her owners in all kinds of distracting environments.

Maple and her human's success stands as a testament to the love and commitment that we know can turn life around for many second and even third and fourth chance dogs. Their commitment is an inspiration to us at Audax K9 Academy. Follow her success on instagram @maple_wheaties

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