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Protection Dog Board and Train

Motivated dogs need jobs. Does your dog have what it takes to be a protection dog? Not every dogs is suitable to be a protection dog. Many people wrongly assume that their dog, that barks at strangers, will be able to protect them when it counts. There is little doubt most untrained dogs simply will not engage when needed or when appropriate.

At Audax K9 we train dogs to do this important and challenging job. Whether you want to participate in protection sports like IGP/Schutzhund or one of the variations of ringsport or you want your dog to be your personal protector, we can help your dog reach it's potential. We focus on motivation, creating good decision making, clear communication, solid obedience in the dog's bitework and a clear-headed conflict free dog. We offer private instruction, Group classes and of course, board and train. Here are a few clips of some of the protection dogs that have come through our board and train program recently.

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